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Security Policy

Tam Phat Company is committed to protecting the confidential information of customers. Please read the following “Privacy Policy” to better understand the commitments we make, to respect and protect the rights of our visitors:

Customer privacy policy

Tam Phat Company is very concerned about your privacy when you use our services. We also understand that you will be very interested in the information that you also give us. Have security or not. And we always want you to feel secure and confident when joining our services. So we are committed to giving you the best experience when joining our program with complete trust.

We create this privacy policy to prove our company’s commitment to the security of privacy with our customers. Through this Privacy Policy, we want you to understand that we collect customer information, the use and sharing of information, and the confidentiality of our customer information. We also hope you will read carefully what we describe below.

1. Information Collection.

– We collect information from all those who access and use our content, including those who do not register for an account but who purchase and use the Services and Members of we.

– Registration: Members may be required to provide full personal information when they register using our products and services, including: name, address, telephone number and Billing Information. We use this information primarily to provide the most useful information updated daily to our customers using our services, and in general, we never share the information. Obtained this for any third party.

– We will store all the information as well as feedback from customers. This information is stored for the purpose of better caring for our customers.

– We will store all bills of purchase, transaction, purchase history, payment methods … in order to avoid the pity if there is later.

2. Use and share information.

– Use of Information: We use customer information for the following purposes:

Provides useful information for the best possible care for our customers, including: Newsletter, Promotions, New product information or other promotion programs. our company.

+ Provide some convenience as well as consulting services to support customers better.

+ We will use reasonable customer information for the purpose of developing and perfect the services of the company to be able to better serve customers.

+ Resolving disputes, complaints, answers to customer questions.

+ Preventing the unfortunate circumstances that may happen later such as breaking the law.

– Information Sharing: As mentioned, we attach great importance to the confidentiality of customer information, so we pledge to strictly not use our customer information without the benefit of our customers. We undertake not to trade or exchange customer confidential information with any third party. However, in the following special circumstances, we may reasonably share your personal information:

+ The consent of the customer.

+ To protect the interests of the company and partners of the company: We only provide personal information of customers when making sure that such information can protect the interests and assets of the company. Our company and related partners. This information will be disclosed legally in accordance with Vietnamese law.

+ At the request of government agencies when we find it in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

In some cases it is necessary to provide other customer information, such as promotions sponsored by a third party, for example, we will inform you before your information. Guests are shared. You have the right to decide whether you consent to information sharing or participation.

3. Confidentiality of Customer Information:

– We are committed to ensuring information safety for customers when registering personal information with our company. We undertake not to trade in customer information for commercial purposes. Any sharing and use of customer information we undertake to comply with the company’s privacy policy. We are committed to making you feel confident and satisfied about the privacy of your personal information when participating in and using our company’s services.

– In order to protect the best customer information, we recommend that you restrict access to your account with automatic login,