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Work environment

With the motto “human being is the core element for business development and a vital factor in competition”, we are aiming at a modern and professional working environment where we truly honor the talents. Energy and human values. Come to us, you will witness with us and experience a working environment with us:

Open communication & respect;
Challenging & creative work;
Competitive & fair income;
Clear and unlimited learning / promotion opportunities;
Achievement objective & scientific evaluation;
Stable work & caring;


Wage & reward policy:

To encourage employees to learn, be active and creative in their work. Company implement income distribution policy:

Salary based on job position: Each job position has a certain salary level appropriate to the qualifications, experience, capacity of employees.
Salary based on capacity: This means that employees who work in the same capacity but have different capacities have different levels.
Performance Bonus: By evaluating the performance of employees in the quarter, the Company has a bonus policy based on the performance of each employee.
Welfare policy

Taking care of material and spiritual life for employees is always the Company’s primary concern. We guarantee that the regimes and policies paid equal or higher than the requirements of the labor law:

Labor contracts & social insurance schemes:
Upon the expiration of the probation period, the employee is entitled to sign a labor contract
And participate in social insurance, full health insurance
Enjoy the big holidays of the year
Victory Day Victory Day 30 April
National Day Celebration 02/9
Depending on the annual business activities, the Company has the appropriate bonus for the employees.
December salary & year end bonus
Based on the business performance of the Company and the results of the work in the year the employee is entitled to 13 months salary, the employee who works for 9 months or more will receive a month’s income, the employee who works less than 9 months Enjoy time proportion
Based on the business performance of the Company and the performance of the five employees, in addition to their monthly salary, 13 employees may also be entitled to the performance of the company.
Severance allowance
Retirement allowance: 0.5 month basic salary per year.
Seniority allowance: In addition to the severance allowance, if an employee with a seniority of 5 years or more is entitled to an additional 2 months’ salary depending on the type of labor contract.
Every year, the company organizes for employees to go on vacation from 03 to 04 days,
Company covers 100% of the cost
Workers enjoy full pay during the holidays.
Support difficult:
Employees in difficult circumstances will be reviewed and supported by the Company.