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Culture of Company

Company culture


Corporate culture and human resources are key to the growth and success of your business. We value honesty, integrity, creativity and respect. The stability, development and prestige of our mining investment and product quality are driven by customer satisfaction with the products we bring.

All members of TAM PHAT JSC are determined to build a company such as building their own house, want the house to become big, beautiful and solid, all employees are responsible for building and construction. At the same time have created great beliefs and ambitions. From the ideas on TAM PHAT JSC has defined “Corporate culture” according to specific criteria as follows:

Create equality for all employees in the company

The company maintains an equal and non-discriminatory working environment for all. That is also the purpose that we create for those who intend to come and contribute to the company, to co-operate in building the company together with those who are currently working. Equality is expressed in many aspects, it is expressed specifically through the issue of income, staff allowances; Having training environment, improving skills; Opportunities for career advancement are equally shared among highly qualified people; There is no discrimination of sex, religion or age … In addition, it shows the company’s interest in job applicants and staff who are working in the company. High working capacity to complement the management team of the company.

Training and Qualification

With the rapid development of technology and technology in particular and the diversity of the company’s business in general, these are the key impacts on efficiency requirements in all locations. At the company. In order to adapt to the constant development, the company has always focused on technology, supervision, management and training programs to improve their skills, improve their skills and prepare them for the suttas. Practical experience to be ready to approach the current advanced technical level. In addition, the company also offers many training courses for managers, senior workers, construction supervisors … with the aim of extending them a higher “vision” at work.

Community Relations

We give confidence and optimism about long-term value to shareholders, employees, and partners of the company and the social benefits they create. In business, partners are very important and we understand this. We diversify our business, expanding our market not only domestically but also outside the world. This also increases the relationship, promoting the brand name Phat is increasingly effective.

Career advancement

In an environment where young staffs dominate, the company is always dynamic and creative from this young workforce. It can be said that this is a strong breakthrough in the management style of the management board of the company. We employ young people who are managers, who are dynamic, enthusiastic and creative. This is also the opportunity for young people dynamic, enthusiastic and strive in the work, the best for the development of the company. We always share the opportunity to be managed, to be the owner of the company for employees who are working, for those who want also we develop the company to a new height, worthy of the brand “Non stop rise”